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Detail nabídky - PLNÝ ÚVAZEK 10590

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Zuzana Šajarová/Actum
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Analyst - Supply Chain As a Supply Chain Analyst you will be responsible for working on interesting projects across different areas across Supply chain. You will help us on our journey towards digitization of our clients (from data collection, processing, integration and visualization through advanced modelling, optimization, and simulation). What we expect: * Good analytical thinking * Interest in technologies and innovation * You are not afraid of IT systems and the complexity of related business processes * You are interested in various areas of Supply Chain (Procurement, Sales, Planning, Production, Logistics & Distribution etc.) and applying digital technologies to overcome today’s business challenges * You can take the initiative and help us to come up with some new approaches * You have completed at least a bachelor's program with an economic or technical focus You are not afraid to present your opinions, both in Czech and in English What's in it for you: * ACTUM Café with delicious coffee, breakfasts, lunch, and other refreshments agile development and work on complex international projects * BBQ parties, team buildings, movie nights, knowledge snacks * language lessons with internal native speakers support for education and self-development * free coffee, tea, and fruit in relax zones * flexible forms of cooperation * MultiSport card contribution * international environment

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Na dobu neurčitou
Flexibilní pracovní doba
Plynární 1617/10, Prague 7-Holešovice, Czechia
40.000 Kč/měsíc
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